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Kembu campsite

the perfect campsite to escape and relax


No thumping music allowed, just the sounds of farm life & the birds

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Bar & Catering at Kembu

scrumptious wholesome farm cooking in a wonderfully rustic bar

Our bar is well stocked, the beers are cold, and the staff friendly.

Kembu has a great reputation for scrumptious, farmhouse home cooking flavours. Meals are organised according to what is in season and freshly available. Menu requests must be made at least 24 hours in advance so we can get the ingredients in.

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Cobb's Carriage

(sleeps two persons in one double bed)

COBBS CARRIAGCobb’s Carriage was built by early Kenya settler Powys Cobb, as something to live in while he traveled and maintained his gargantuan, and extremely slow, forest guzzling traction engines. Its wonderful old hardwood construction perfectly captures the early pioneer spirit.

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(sleeps two persons in one double bed)

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