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Menengai Crater

Half day excursion - 25 minutes drive away
Largest volcano caldera in Kenya



Menengai Crater is the second largest volcano caldera in Africa, and influences much of the geology in this area of the Rift Valley. The main viewpoint gives you a 270° view of the caldera and rift valley. Menengai has very little sediment in the caldera which is a thick mass of lava boulders and inaccessible ridges. Clients can drive to the top and look down into the crater from the viewpoint. Locals can do a nature walk from there around the crater rim

.The crater viewpoint features importantly in Massai history as the place where warriors of the Iloskelai and Lakipak clans (now extinct) were finally defeated and driven off the cliff to their deaths around 1854.

To get there drive into Nakuru and take the bypass that puts you onto the A104 towards Nairobi. Just outside the town centre the road dips under a railway bridge, after this take the first LEFT up the hill. 500 meters later take the seccond RIGHT onto “Menengai Road” then fourth LEFT onto “Crater Climb.” Follow the road up the hill and at the top of the mountain bear right and eventually you will come to the viewpoint.


There are steep drop offs all round so DO REMEMBER TO PUT ON YOUR HAND BRAKE!! A walk to the south, going clockwise round the crater takes you into the forestry reserve, and eventually to the Church Cave before you get onto private land and have to turn around. Do take a guide and have somebody to look after your car if you intend to leave it. Nakuru County Council are trying to establish a community guide programme for guided walks around and down into the crater.