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A safari at one of the award winning Porini Camps in Kenya is unlike any other.  

The camps are small and authentic with rustic charm combined with creature comforts, such as private bathrooms with flush toilets.   

Each camp is situated within a private wildlife conservancy for an intimate safari experience away from hordes of minibuses and crowds of tourists.


A Porini safari is for the true wildlife enthusiast who wishes to get close to nature and enjoy an undisturbed personal adventure with a knowledgeable and qualified safari guide.  Guided walks with Maasai warriors allow you to become engrossed in the African wilderness and track the footprints of the big cats and their prey.  Night game drives in safari jeeps provide an opportunity to spot the nocturnal civet cat and caracal.

We suggest you visit more than one safari camp for a fantastic once in a lifetime wildlife experience saving time and travelling in comfort by flying to or between the camps. We have some recommended safari itineraries combining several of the Porini Camps.

The Porini safari camps are traditional bush camps with spacious guest tents and mobile tented structures minimising environmental impact but still providing comfortable accommodation with solar powered electricity and eco-friendly amenities.

The Porini camps within the Amboseli and Maasai Mara conservancies within Kenya give maximum benefit to the Maasai community who own the conservancies. The community not only benefits from tourism but this also ensures an added conservation incentive.

Volunteer in East Africa

Volunteer Opportunities in kenya
Volunteer Opportunities are available for those who are  interested in teaching, nursing, community, studies,  crusades etc in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
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Students Holiday Tour

Volunteer Opportunities in kenya
Put those essays, lectures and seminars on hold and head for a fun adventurious tour in kenya. There is so much fun in Kenya  waiting for you.This will allow you the opportunity to wave goodbye to everyday stress.
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